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MKE MANUFACTURING, equipment designed and manufactured in Canada.

Durable, high-performance equipment that is proudly made by locals. An honest and responsible choice. Share in this pride, when you purchase MKE manufacturing equipment, you directly contribute to maintaining and creating jobs.


As a complement, MKE introduced the IMK series. Professional equipment at economical prices: refrigerators, freezers, sinks, tables, and shelves. MKE’s commitment is to ensure that products manufactured elsewhere than in its manufacturing center comply with industry standards and are of excellent quality/price ratio. All products distributed by MKE are verified and tested in Canada.


There is always someone who can answer your questions directly. Restaurateur, chef, hotelier, innkeeper, and anyone who uses our appliances, or plans to do so, are assured of being able to count on us.

All of our employees and our management team thank you for your trust.

Éric Dubé, General Manager




The story goes back to 1943. The Plamondon brothers created Modern Kitchen Equipment with the start of operations in Montreal. Maurice Plamondon remained with the company until his retirement in the late 1980’s.  It is in this way that the company’s culture has transcended itself, from the founding entrepreneur to the entrepreneur of today.

Serving food service industry since 75 years.